Experienced Staff.

We have the staff that will be able to address the needs of PickMyRides Transportation LLC. We are the transportation service provider, getting the appropriate team together to cater to your transportation needs. We trust the direction we are taking to fulfill the delivery of getting you to your destination safely. We are additionally the team collaborations individuals and thoughts right into the action. Furthermore, we are pleased to be the innovator, bringing business, government, and local areas together toward the essential needs and improved personal satisfaction.

Our Promise

Our mission is to expand the accessibility and utilization of transportation decisions to improve the rural and the metropolitan areas, the wellbeing of our customers, and the economy for companies and residents in the South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina regions.

What we do?

We extend our customer’s time, we lessen the stress, and we make the experience pleasurable.

What we are . . .

Our own transportation service is solid and just as cautious with your safety.